How To Earn Free Recharge in Nepal Online

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Do you know that Internet can make you some money while you are just roaming around some websites and installing some useless apps? Internet has a wide scope to make money for you. If you want to make some money as an online entrepreneur then you can follow the following link:
But in this post we are not talking about the tips to make money online. Rather we are talking how to get free top up recharge for your mobile networks in Nepal. Getting free recharge while spending some time in Wi-Fi seems to be interesting. I was wandering with this thought and I got to know about this app that most of the Indians are using to get free recharge to their cell phones. When I installed this app and saw Nepal in the supported country list, I thought of writing a post in it. After all, sharing is caring is what I have learned from this past time blogging.
A Complete Guide To Earn Free Recharge in Nepal Online

In this post I am simplifying each and every details so that every one of you will be able to earn free recharge without the help of so called professionals or online nerds. 
Before getting started, let's see what requirements do you need to earn free recharge.
  • An android phone
  • Wi-Fi Connection (If you use mobile data, it may cause loss to you. So I prefer using Wi-Fi)
  • Some apps installing knowledge 
And that's it. When you have these requirements, go for the following steps.
In this post we are talking about an application that will give free top up recharge to you for some offers you use or inviting your friends to join the application. And the offers will not cost a penny for you. So you are getting recharge for absolutely free.
The application here we are talking about is mCent .
Mcent is a free application that can be downloaded through play store for your android phone.
Make sure you have your android phone switched on and connected to the Wi-Fi connection. Then download the mCent application from the following link:
Click on the Free Download button below to reach the download page.

OR you can directly go to
When you have installed this application from play store to your device, follow the following steps.
When you first open the application, you'll see an interface as follows.
A Complete Guide To Earn Free Recharge in Nepal Online
Click on Sign up and follow the next next step. You'll be prompted to the sign up interface as follows. Select the country as Nepal and enter your phone number. (I recommend you to use your Ncell number. Because I received the activation code in Ncell earlier than NTC) Create a password and click on Sign Up button. Make sure you remember the phone number and password combination.
A Complete Guide To Earn Free Recharge in Nepal Online
Then the mCent will send you a Four Digit Confirmation code to the mobile phone you use to register the account via SMS. Enter the Four digit confirmation code and your account will be activated.
A Complete Guide To Earn Free Recharge in Nepal Online

When you have activated the account, you'll be prompted to a dashboard as shown below.
A Complete Guide To Earn Free Recharge in Nepal Online
Here you'll see the recommended and popular offer for you. Click on these offers and complete them. You'll be shown some applications to download, download these whenever you are in WI-FI zone and uninstall then when you have earned the balance.
Or Else you can also invite your friends to join mCent via your referral link that you can share via Messenger, Facebook, Email, SMS or other means to get free balance.
This is all about earning some free recharge to your cell phone. If you have any queries then leave them in the comment section below or contact us. Share your experience with us in the comments below.
Thank you!!


  1. i like your Post to earn money online, this is a way to provide nepal online help

  2. Mayela yo app mobile data bata use garako conform code nai aayana ka yo wifi bata garda hunxa plz reply me....

  3. Mayela yo Mcent app mobile data bata try to open but it can't open it cannot give confirmation code to my mobile if I use wifi in mobile and try Mcent it will work or not.....

    1. Try this on Ncell. I didn't actually get my code in NTC. Hope this helps!

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  5. Which mode can we use to withdraw money from mCent?


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