Create A Social Networking Site With Your Own Domain 2019

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Well are you tired of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram? Why not create your own social network that could grow as the next big social network?

Well I am not kidding here. You can actually create and manage your own social network that too without any coding and programming abilities.

In this tutorial we will be learning step by step to create your own social network where you can have a news feed, chats, groups and other features that you have in other big social networks today.

First of all you must register a  domain name and get a hosting for creating a social networking site.

If you haven't already bought one, get it now from the links below form Hostinger. I recommend you to get hosting from Hostinger because it is relatively cheaper and worth the money. Get Hostinger hosting from the link below and get 82% flat discount.

First of all register for single shared hosting and register for 48 months for the best value for money.

After you have registered a hosting with Hostinger, you'll get a domain for free as well.
Also with hostinger you get a easy to use cpanel and you can install free social networking app that will create a social network in you website.

After you have got the hosting and a domain name from hostinger, log in to your account and go to you cPanel. After getting into you cpanel, scroll down up to Software section and click on Softaculous Apps Installer .

After that you'll be taken to a page similar to below.
On that page, on the left sidebar menu, click on HumHub under Social Networking section.
(You can also install Open Source Social Network in this step. I like Open Source Social Network more than HumHub but couldn't install OSSN during making this tutorial. If you can install OSSN instead and all other steps are similar to below.)

On the next page click on Install Now.

On the Next page enter all the data such as your social network's name, admin username, password. And make sure you leave your In Directory box blank to install the social network on your root folder. After filling all the details click on Install option.

It may take several minutes to install the app into your website. Wait till the installation is complete.

After the installation is complete, your social network is ready. You can now readily customize your social network and invite users to register and use your network.

In the second step you can install Open Source Social Network app instead of HumHub as well.

Sample Network: SocialPress

If you have any queries post them below in the comments.

Get Kaspersky Antivirus Protection In Your Computer For FREE

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You know what using your computer online without an antivirus is just like doing sex without protection . I don't know if that example was much relevant but if you are surfing online and download stuffs from the internet you are prone to get viruses in your computer.

But it's not every time every one can afford a premium antivirus . If you have tried some free antiviruses then you must have realized how useless they are.

Get Kaspersky Antivirus Protection In Your Computer For FREE

But I have recently got to know about Kaspersky's Free Anti Virus. I have used the premium version of Kaspersky for so long and some days ago my premium version got expired and at this very time I got to know about the free version and decided to try it.

Download Kaspersky Antivirus In Your Computer For FREE

And I am quite amazed with this free version. Although it doesn't have much features it will protect you from viruses, blocks suspicious sites and blocks dangerous apps and files.

The free version is legally provided by Kaspersky and it is free forever. You can upgrade later on if you want other features. But for now you can take this free antivirus to secure your computer without slowing it down.
With basic antivirus and threat protection, Kaspersky Free defends your PC against common viruses, infected files, dangerous applications and suspicious websites.
Go and try this free antivirus from the link given below and share this post with your friends and help them be secure and safe as well.

Download link:

Earn Free Recharge in Nepal Online 2019 UPDATED

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Earn Free Recharge in Nepal Online 2019 UPDATED

I had another post in this blog about earning free recharge in Nepal and other supported countries which no longer worked for Nepal and other countries except India. This is a brand new post which will work for Nepal and some other supported countries. In this post we will learn about earning free recharge in Nepal.

The app we will use here to earn free recharge is Dent. Dent is a cryptocoin which can be exchanged with mobile data and free recharge. You can check the price of DENT in coinmarketcap.

So here is a complete tutorial to earn free recharge with DENT app. Follow these steps and you will earn guaranteed more than 100 Rs balance in less than 20 minutes.

Let's get started.

1. First go to the link below and install the DENT app from playstore. 

2. Open the App and wait till you see an interface as below. Make sure you see the gift amount of some dents.
NOTE: Only click on Join Now option when you see some gifts. If you don't see any gifts or shows ) gifts then close the application and click on the above link again which will open playstore or the app directly then open the app to see some gifts otherwise  you will lose some Dent credits. Repeat it if it doesn't happen in one time.

3. Now click on Join Now. And enter your phone number and click on Next option.

4. Then it will prompt you to verify your number. It will call your number to verify. If you can not verify through the voice call, you can use SMS verification instead.

5. Then you'll have to create a new account. You can register via Google, Facebook or enter email to register manually. 

6. After the registration is complete, you'll see some registration bonus and referral bonus DENT points in your account. (Make sure to download through the above link to get referral bonus else you'll get only registration bonus only.)

7. Now to earn more DENT credits, you can refer your family and friends through your invitation link which you can get in your Invite Friends tab. Now share this link to your family and friends and earn more dent credits. You can also earn dent credits through offers.

8. When you have enough credits you can buy recharge card with your points. You can follow the steps below to buy recharge card.

a. Scroll down in the app dashboard to find your telecom operator and see the points required to buy the recharge card.
b. If you have enough credit to buy recharge card click on your operator.

c. Enter your phone number and click on tick option.
d. Then it will show you to recharge. Now click on the dent credit required to purchase the card.
For more information see the video below:

I Earn 5$+/week Just By Searching Online

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Hello friends. I have actually been writing on this same topic some time ago as well. And here I am with the results and also help you earn 5$+ per week just by searching on search engines online.
This awesome decentralised platform that pays you for searching is Presearch. It actually pays you PRE tokens which later can be exchanged for Bitcoin through exchanges and eventually to fiat.

You can earn 8 PRE tokens a day for making 32 searches . The price of PRE at the time of writing this post is $0.094993. You earn 7×8=56 tokens a week and with the current price 56× $0.094993= 5.31$ . That's not much amount but you are getting it just for making searches online. It is with the current price ans I hope the price will rise in the days to come it will be far more than I calculated here.
Presearch seems to be promising project. I have been using this for a month now. You can join now and start making free and easy money online.
You will receive the payout when you earn 1000 PRE tokens. That is not a hard job. You can just keep searching and in some time you will have some extra income with just searching.
Sign up through the link below and get 25 PRE tokens for free.

Happy earning.
Register Now and Get 25 Free PRE tokens

Cover Letter Format For Free .NP Domain Name Registration

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You can learn about creating a free domain name in Nepal through the post given below:
You'll need to submit a cover letter along with the domain request. Here is a simple format for your cover letter.

The HostMaster
NP ccTLD Registration Services
Mercantile Communications Pvt. Ltd.


Subject: Application for domain registration

Dear Sir/Madam,
I am writing to request the registration of domain under my name Your Name with domain .

With this application I acknowledge that I accept all the terms and conditions for domain registration.

I would be very grateful indeed for your help. Needless to say, I will be glad to supply you with any further information you may need. I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Your Sincerely,
Your Name
Phone Number

Replace all the required details with your own details. You can prepare a hand written letter or a printed letter and scan it to submit to the hostmaster. 
See this video to learn more about creating your free domain:


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