Earn 5$ Per Day Online By Sharing Photos with WhatsAround

Do you want to earn money by sharing your photos just like in instagram but instead of likes and follows you get paid in dollars? Yes you heard it right.
With the method mentioned here you will start to earn 5$ per or even more from the very first day you join the app.
And I would love to make sure that you don't have to have the knowledge of website building or no skills at all. If you can use instagram or Facebook then you'll get started in less than 10 minutes with this app.
Earn 5$ Per Day Online By Sharing Photos with WhatsAround

Here is a step by step process to start earning with WhatsAround.
1. First go to the link below from your smartphone and download the Whatsaround app for your android or IOS phone. (Make sure to download from the link below only because you'll earn 5$ just by downloading the app from the link below.)
2. Open the app and click on Sign Up option when the app opens. Now enter your email and Password and agree to the terms and conditions and click Sign up.
After signing up you'll to be taken to the app dashboard. There are some customize some settings that will earn you some coins.
3. For that go to your profile section and click on 3 dots on top right corner of the screen and click on Edit Profile. Now change your profile picture, your username and enter your phone number and verify your mobile number and that's all.
4. Now you're good to go. Upload pictures to your whatsaround profile and gather WOWs and likes that will earn you shotcoins which can later be exchnaged for Ethereum or Paypal cash or gift cards.

If you have any queries you can comment down below. Once we get the payout we will post another article on how to get payout from this app.
Happy earning!

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