10 New Ideas To Start A Youtube Channel

Starting a Youtube channel may be a dream of many of you out there. It has been a trend to be a youtuber to gain some fame and also some bucks as well. You can get fame and some dollars (may be more if you work hard) for just sharing information, tutorials and just insulting people (you have to be good at it :P) on Youtube. Just record a video, do some editing and bang you are ready to gather some bucks. 
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So do you want to start a youtube channel but are you out of ideas to create a youtube channel? There are so many niches on which you can start making videos. But if you want some unique ideas to start a new Youtube channel then this post is for you. Select your niche  and start making videos from the list below.
10 New Ideas To Start A Youtube Channel

1. Tutorials 

People search for every thing they don't know on Google or Youtube from how to play guitar to how to make chapatis. So if you are good at anything (Yes i mean anything ) make a video upload it on youtube and you are a online tutor. You can make tutorials of some technology related stuffs if you are good at computers, on how to play musical instruments like Guitar, Piano etc.
If you are good at cooking, start a cooking channel. Don't hesitate to start cause every one is a starter at the beginning. Start low and raise your standards with every new videos.

2. Make Informational Videos On Famous Celebrities 

I got this ideas when I was listening to some programs on radio about the old singers and there occurred a query that there was no info a singer on Youtube. So you can start a youtube channel about famous personalities. They can some famous singers, players, preachers of your country or of the whole world. Some some research about the person on the web, get details from wikipedia and such other sites and make a video on his struggle and success.

3. Share Your Tour Videos

Are a type of person who loves adventures and tours? If you are a fun loving and adventure then grab a camera with you next time you are on a tour and capture every beautiful moments on them. You can capture the videos of the beautiful scenario landscapes and even the adventurous things you do like paragliding and bungee. There are whole lot of people with similar taste like you and they'll love your channel and videos.

4. Motivational Speeches 

Today most of the people are depressed and living in anxiety. Do you skills that you can calm down your friends whenever they are feeling low? OR do you think you can fill someone with some enthusiasm? Then you must start a Youtube channel and start motivating people. There are a bunch of youtubers who call themselves motivational speakers so start smart and motivate people in such a way that you are different from the bunch. 

5. Covers

Are you good at singing, dancing or playing musical instruments ? Then you can create the covers of the songs (if you are good at it). Set up your mini studio at you home, you don't even have to spend much money at it. You can record your videos at your bed room. If you have a dance group you can record the videos of your dance and post in your Youtube channel.

6. Comedy 

Do you have skills to make people laugh in any ways? You can create videos of you cracking hilarious jokes, doing some stand up comedies and even insulting the other nuisance videos. 

7. Prank Videos

People are always hungry to see other people being fooled. If you have skills that you can fool your friends shoot whenever you are throwing a prank on your friends. You can also try shooting a prank on strangers on road when you are really good at it.

8. Review Videos

You can create a review videos on the new products that just released on the market like smartphones, laptops and even on the new movie that just released or the song that just came out. There are so many channels that posts reviews on gadgets so you can start smart by reviewing stuffs like politics, sports and entertainment world.

9. Fixing android phones and other gadgets 

If you are good at repairing smartphones then you can record videos while repairing the phones. You can record videos of you changing the screens of the gadgets and some other stuffs like that. 

10.  You can create a video on what you can do with 10$ or you can record you travelling streets and trying streets foods. You can create a video on living a day on some famous places with limited budgets etc. Start smart grab a new niche and start making video and you'll sure be the next youtube superstar.

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If you have any new ideas besides these please comment below. We'll post the coolest ones on this post.


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