Effective and Proven Tips To Increase Your Twitter Followers

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With many brands and aspiring artists turning to Twitter for more exposure, one of the biggest
questions that beginners still ask is how one can increase Twitter followers and acquire a big fanbase.

Social media algorithms have been changing over the course of time, so it isn’t that simple to get
people to be interested in your Twitter account anymore. You have to know what they want and cater to it.

Here are a few effective tips on how to get more Twitter followers for your account:


1. Design Your Profile
The most basic part of your Twitter account is your profile. Your profile will serve as your
first impression because it is the first thing that people will see when they click on your Twitter name.
So, when your visitors decide to click on you, you have to make sure that you give them something
worth viewing. This will increase your chances to get more Twitter followers. Let’s start with your
profile picture.
-Put a Nice Profile Picture
First of all, make sure that you have a good profile pic. This will give your potential followers an
idea who they’re talking to. People don’t like talking to someone that they don’t know. If you’re a
brand, post your brand’s logo or a product. If you’re an aspiring Twitter star, post your picture.
You just have to make sure that your visitors can identify you.
-Add an Eye-Catching Header Photo
The next part of designing your Twitter account is to add an attention-grabbing header photo.
When your visitors click on your profile, one of the first things that they’ll notice is your header photo.
This is why you need to choose a really good one. You can create a unique header photo on your own
using software like Canva.
Also, we recommend that you set your photo’s size to 1500x500 pixels so that
it won’t be too pixelated when you upload it.

-Create an Interesting Bio
The next step is to give attention to your bio. You can write a short two-sentence bio
right below your picture. This will give your visitors an idea of who you are and what you do.
It’s like your tagline wherein it catches the attention of your visitors and tells them about you in a
few seconds. You may get bold and creative with your bio but just make sure that it’s something
people will find interesting. Also, don’t forget to put your Twitter link in your bio so it’s easy for people
to find your profile.
-Change the Color Scheme
The last part yet also a must-do step is to change your profile’s color scheme. One thing that you
have to ensure is that the color scheme of your Twitter account is similar to that of your brand colors
or your main website. This is to give your brand or name an identity. It also gives your visitors the
feeling of consistency, which is very important when promoting your Twitter account.
2. Craft Quality Content
After you spruce your account, the next thing to do is to come up with quality content for your
audience. While it is the design that will grab the visitors’ attention, it is the content that will drive
their interest. This is why you need to put heavy emphasis on crafting quality content.
-Create Phrase That Are Tweet-worthy
It might be a bit tempting to use SEO keywords in your Tweets because that is what you’re probably
used to when you craft content. However, this is not advisable because social media algorithms and
search engines are different. What may work for websites may not necessarily work for social media
platforms such as Twitter. So instead of using SEO, shift your focus to crafting phrases that are
Tweetable. To make Tweetable quotes, just use catchy one or two liners that people will love to share.
-Use Some Hashtags
Up until today, hashtags are still very powerful in making your Tweets visible in the Twitter search bar.
This is why you should utilize hashtags to spread your message. If there is a trending hashtag that you
can somehow relate to your Twitter account, use it along with a witty Tweet. The combination of a
Tweetable quote and a trending hashtag will definitely help you increase Twitter followers.

3. Use High-Quality Graphics
These days, people have higher expectations for graphics and videos. If you post a low-quality image,
most likely no one will bother looking at it (unless it’s some candid viral photo). This is why you have
to make sure that you know at least basic photo editing so that you can catch people’s interest and
increase Twitter followers through your photos.

4. Engage With People
Lastly, you have to make sure that you engage with people to get more Twitter followers.
Since social media is a platform for engagement, that’s what the people in it will want to do.
-Ask people to Share, Like, or Retweet Your Post
In social media marketing, it’s all about engagement. The more you engage with your followers,
the more you get more Twitter followers. That said, don’t be afraid to ask them to like or retweet
your Tweet. If it’s interesting enough, people will spread it anyway. You’ll just be giving them more
urgency by providing a call to action. However, avoid sounding too desperate. Do what you need to do,
and people will surely follow you naturally.
-Link and Retweet Other People
If you share or link the content of other people, it’s only natural that there will be some sort of
reciprocation. Since Twitter is all about sharing interesting content, you should get yourself in the
game as well to get more Twitter followers. If you do that, the followers of the account you’re linking
will also take the time to check out your account and some will even follow you.

-Observe Community Management Best Practices
Community management is the art of managing a social media account. Some of the best practices
that you have to follow are responding quickly to all Tweets replies in the thread. While it may be hard
to reply to everyone, you have to make sure that you reply to the first few replies so that people will
see that you talk to your fans. Also, limit your Tweets to just a few a day. Over Tweeting cheapens your
account and makes you look like spam.


Trying to increase Twitter followers is no easy task. However, if you know how to do it and master the
entire process, then you can increase Twitter followers in no time. Of course, it won’t happen
overnight. You have to constantly monitor your Twitter account and create strategies on how to push
your Twitter brand. Let these tips help you out.

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8 Must-Have Smartphone Features and Apps for Busy, On-the-Go Entrepreneurs

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Can’t live without your phone? You’re not alone. Business owners today rely on their smartphones to accomplish important tasks even if they are not in their office.

Armed with the best business mobile phone plans, busy and constantly on the move entrepreneurs are able to build, monitor and grow their venture 24/7.

Of course, how you make the most of mobile technology largely depends on the mobile device you're using. If you’re an on-the-go entrepreneur who wants to have the complete handset you can use anytime and anywhere, you need a smartphone with a variety of useful features and apps. When buying or upgrading to a new smartphone, make sure to look for the following capabilities. 


1.     Long battery life

Your smartphone will serve as your computer, phone, messaging device, camera and viewing device. As such, your handset should be able to do all this without needing to be charged every few hours or so.

One important feature you should look for in a smartphone is a battery that can last for at least 15 hours on a single charge. A mobile phone with at least a 2000 mAh battery can give you the running power you need especially if you have signed up for unlimited internet plans and calls. If you want to be sure you will get the right handset that can last for hours on just one charge, go over a product’s specifications carefully, and read various customer reviews as well.

If possible, choose a phone with fast-charging capabilities. Since you may not always be near a power or charging outlet, you need to have a phone that can be fully charged within just a matter of minutes.

2.     Suitable screen size

Whether you’re in or out of the office, nothing beats the convenience of being able to access emails, reports, messages, photos, videos and other important pieces of content using just your phone. You will have an easier time doing these and other tasks if you have a phone with the right screen size.

Generally, a screen size between four and five inches is ideal for users who do a lot of reading, composing messages and creating reports on their smartphone. They are not too big and cumbersome to hold for long periods of time. They will also help you avoid squinting if you’re reading something, typing a message or report, or looking at an image. It is also a must if you love playing online games or joining gaming portals.

3.     High processing power and RAM capacity

Your ability to multitask and finish a lot of work on your phone will depend greatly on its processing and RAM capacity.

A handset with sufficient processing power will allow you to open apps and edit images faster and enjoy smoother video viewing. A phone with good processing power will also have the capability to perform certain functions even when your screen is off.

The power and speed of a mobile phone’s processor are measured through clock speed or gigahertz value. Most modern mobile processors have clock speeds ranging from 1.8 GHz to 2.2 GHz. In general, anything above 1 GHz is already acceptable and will enable you to use various apps and features without any issues.

Having a handset with at least 2GB RAM will also permit you to do various tasks with your phone at once without causing it to crash. This means you can keep reading a crucial email, highlight significant points, and activate Wi-Fi calling all at the same time without encountering any issues. 

4.     Exceptional security features

As an entrepreneur, you will have numerous sensitive business and customer information stored on your smartphone. Because of this, your device should help keep these crucial data safe from prying eyes.

As such, to protect sensitive data and maintain your brand’s good reputation, it is best to get a handset built for security instead of a popular consumer phone since some of them are loaded with security flaws.


5.     Salesforce1

This app helps on-the-go entrepreneurs connect directly with customers. With this app, customer data can be logged onto and accessed on just one integrated platform. This will help you come up with a successful marketing plan and improve customer service and, ultimately, company sales and profits.

The app also comes with mobile analytics so that you can understand customer movement and actions. You can also use these real-time data to make changes in your marketing strategies.

6.     QuickBooks

All entrepreneurs naturally want to constantly monitor their business’s financial health. The QuickBooks app, which comes free with the online subscription, will allow you to do this wherever you are.

With this app, you can connect to your business bank account, credit cards, PayPal and other channels to track payments and expenses and upload data to your account. In addition, you can also use this app to:

       Create, view and email estimates and proposals, invoices and sales receipts
       Convert estimates to invoices
       Receive payments
       View customer information
       Download and reconcile bank transactions

7.     Dropbox

By using this mobile application, you can store and share files in the cloud. You can access these files wherever you are and share them online with others, too.

This app also comes with these useful features:

       Data encryption
       Microsoft Office integration
       User- and company-managed groups
       Access to Dropbox Paper’s collaborative document editing

8.     Slack

Lastly, to reduce your communication expenses, install Slack on your phone. It is a team communication app that gathers group messages into one place which makes information instantly available and searchable for you and your staff.

Slack allows you to send direct messages to your team members (to encourage teamwork and increase communication from anywhere) as well as organize team conversations into both private and public channels. You can easily share images, PDFs and other files in this app as well.

To effectively run your business wherever you are, make sure you have the right smartphone with the right features. Installing the necessary apps will also enable you to be productive anytime and anywhere.

6 Most Useful Free Smartphone Apps for Bloggers

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Blogging is an amazing platform that has caught the fancy of thousands of people worldwide. It’s perfect for marketing, especially for small business owners. Blogging allows them to get their personality across, interact with their readers, and keep them updated on what’s new and coming up.

Meanwhile, for academics or professionals today who wish to impart their expertise in a convenient manner, blogging allows them to make instant connections with people who can benefit the most from the knowledge they are sharing.

Regular folks can also benefit from blogging because they are able to share their experiences and relate or find similarities with others. They get to build friendships from across the globe which would not have been conventionally possible without the platform.

Smartphones Are Essential to Bloggers

It’s important to note, however, that if you want to become a successful blogger, you need to be tech-savvy to a certain degree in order to keep up with the responsibilities that come with the title.
       First off, you need to explore what your smartphone can do to make blogging easier. And to do that, try looking through available  mobile device offers and picking one that will provide you easy access to the internet.

There is an abundance of mobile offers to choose from, and most of them include net packages. But for a blogger like you, it’s best to settle for a package that provides unlimited internet access. This way, when you are away from your home Wi-Fi and there is no free Wi-Fi where you are, you can use the phone’s mobile data to continue blogging.

       The next thing you have to do is to shop around for free smartphone apps that are useful to bloggers.

6 Free Apps Bloggers Should Use

So, you have already picked up a great internet package for your smartphone. It’s now time to download some helpful apps. Here are six highly recommended ones by social media influencers and online marketing experts.

1.     Today App

If you are an iOS user, this app can help you stay on track of your blogging schedule. This acts as a personal secretary that reminds you of what you need to do now and what you need to do soon. No more dilly-dallying with blogging once you get this smart app.

2.     Evernote

The mind of a blogger continually churns out and goes over ideas for subjects or topics to post about. It always helps to have an app that will allow you to quickly jot those gems down, and Evernote is the perfect app for that purpose.
In the previous year, Evernote was upgraded to work significantly faster. There is now less friction in operating it, and the result? Bloggers won’t lose their ideas while trying to get the program to work.

3.     Buffer

If you like to advertise your blog posts on social media, this app will help you organize and schedule your tweets and your Instagram, LinkedIn, and Google+ posts. With this app, you can “set it and forget it.”
Another benefit you can derive from this app is that it will allow you to see your engagement statistics, such as the number of clicks on the links you have in your content and which posts generated the most traffic.

4.     Google Trips

This is a complete godsend for travel bloggers because the app takes care of providing much of the information needed for the trip. It even includes directions on how to get from point A to point B, as well as recommended stops. If you share travel information with your blog readers, Google Trips is clearly a reliable source.

5.     Word Swag

Making your content appealing is important in generating the interest of your readers, and one way of doing that is by using Word Swag. This app offers a vast variety of background images and text options for your quotes, jokes, recipes and other kinds of content.

6.     VSCO Cam

Finally, blogs should always have beautiful accompanying images because most netizens are visually inclined. With this photo-editing app, you can turn even simple pictures into professional-looking snapshots. It has countless filters for you to choose from and other editing features.

There you gosix of today’s most useful free smartphone apps for bloggers. Some of these are designed for increased and streamlined productivity while others are meant to improve the aesthetic quality of posts. If you’re a blogger, you know those are absolute musts for success. Download these free apps today and experience how they can elevate the way you blog.

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