Start Making Money With Bitcoins : A complete guide to earn and withdraw earnings

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If you are someone searching for making some money online then you are at the right place. In this post we'll be discussing about the cryptocurrency of internet, Bitcoins on how to earn it, use it and withdraw it through bank in Nepal. 

If you just heard about Bitcoins then go thoroughly through the post but if you know some things about Bitcoins you can skip the introduction part.

Free Sites To Earn Bitcoins That Can Make You Rich

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In the earlier post we discussed about the introduction of Bitcoins, some way you can earn it and storing it in your digital wallet. In this post I will some you some ways you can earn some bitcoins for free online with minimal effort. Here are some sites that I have been using to earn bitcoins for free and have been running as legitimate sites online.

Free Sites To Earn Bitcoins Daily

As bitcoins is no centralized currency there are many ways some sites can fraud you. So I am listing the sites that pays for real and I have been using these as well to earn bitcoins. To learn more about earning bitcoins free stick with us and we'll be posting the tutorials to earn free bitcoins.

So let's begin our list.

1., Win Free Bitcoins Every Hour! is one the best top sites to earn free Bitcoins online. We have discussed this on our earlier post about earning bitcoins in Nepal. Refer to the following post if you want to learn more.
To earn with freebitcoins you just have to go to homepage click on sign up and roll every how to win bitcoins every hour which you can read about in the above post. There are other ways on how you can earn free bitcoins in from this site we are discussing about these ways in this post.

Referral Program

Free Sites To Earn Bitcoins Daily provides 50% commisions on Free BTC your referral earn, 25% of what your referral earn from interest and 0.25% of wager from Multiply BTC of your referral. 
To start earning by referring Click Refer from navigation menu, You'll see your Referral URL. You have to share this with your friends or share in any way to earn referrals. You can use my referrall link to sign up. The URL in my case is 


If you can maintain 30,000 satoshis in your FreeBitcoin account then it provides you an annual interest of 4.08% .
Free Sites To Earn Bitcoins Daily


You can buy lottery ticket on that site and wait for your luck. The lottery Round ends every Sunday. And if you have good lucks you can win a large amount.

Multiply BTC

You can either bet high or bet low, select your amount and wait for your luck. I won't recommend this cause this may cause loss to all your bicoins as well.
Free Sites To Earn Bitcoins Daily

2. adBTC, Bitcoin Advertising

AdBTC is a site where you can earn bitcoins for viewing ads on their site for the certain time as specified on the site. You can earn good figures of Satoshi on this site daily. It is simple as other PTC sites.

To get started with adBTC, go to adBTC homepage and click on Register. Fill up the form, verify your email and start surfing the ads and start collecting bitcoins to your account. 

You can even earn from its referral program. It pays 7.5% from your referral surfing earnings and 7.5% from your referral advertisement spendings.

3. BTCClicks, Surf Advertisements Banner

BTCClicks is similar to AdBTC and you are paid to surf advertisements on its site. The ads you can surf is limited but it is updated many times a day so you can try this site to earn bitcoins several times a day. To get started just visit the site from the link above, sign up for a free account and get to work.

It also provides referral commissions and its commissions are quite impressive and it pays 80% of commission for every referral. 

These are the sites I have been using to earn free bitcoins online. Before using any sites to earn bitcoins read its reviews and give a try. If you have any other sites that have been earning you bitcoins please list them below. If you have any queries contact us or comment below.
Happy Earning!

10 New Ideas To Start A Youtube Channel

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Starting a Youtube channel may be a dream of many of you out there. It has been a trend to be a youtuber to gain some fame and also some bucks as well. You can get fame and some dollars (may be more if you work hard) for just sharing information, tutorials and just insulting people (you have to be good at it :P) on Youtube. Just record a video, do some editing and bang you are ready to gather some bucks. 
Learn how to make money with these in Youtube:

So do you want to start a youtube channel but are you out of ideas to create a youtube channel? There are so many niches on which you can start making videos. But if you want some unique ideas to start a new Youtube channel then this post is for you. Select your niche  and start making videos from the list below.
10 New Ideas To Start A Youtube Channel

Offer: Free Internet Data for NTC Users ( With Activation Process)

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(Update: This offer was available for few days on the occasion of  launching of 4G in Nepal by NTC. This offer is no longer available.)
Did you hear the new offer by Nepal Telecome for the GSM prepaid user on the occasion on the launching their 4G service in Nepal? Then you also must have heard about free 400 mb they are providing to the prepaid SIM card users for activating the 4G service in your phone for the first time.

If you still have not heard about this offer then let us tell you about this service. Nepal Telecom has lauched the 4G service in Nepal and on this occasion they are providing free 100 mb data for the users for 4 consecutive days after the day of activation.

In this post we are going to tell you the procedure to activate 4G service in any of your phone irrespective of how old your sim card is. I have seen some users complaining of getting some messages for upgrading the SIM card to get access to 4G service, we'll also help you solve this problem and get you free 400mb data without exchanging the SIM card or without upgrading it.

How To Earn Free Recharge in Nepal Online

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Do you know that Internet can make you some money while you are just roaming around some websites and installing some useless apps? Internet has a wide scope to make money for you. If you want to make some money as an online entrepreneur then you can follow the following link:

But in this post we are not talking about the tips to make money online. Rather we are talking how to get free top up recharge for your mobile networks in Nepal. Getting free recharge while spending some time in Wi-Fi seems to be interesting. I was wandering with this thought and I got to know about this app that most of the Indians are using to get free recharge to their cell phones. When I installed this app and saw Nepal in the supported country list, I thought of writing a post in it. After all, sharing is caring is what I have learned from this past time blogging.
A Complete Guide To Earn Free Recharge in Nepal Online

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