How to Enable Monetization in Youtube in Nepal? (Without A Single Video)

UPDATE: There has been a lot change in YouTube policy and procedures of YouTube monetization since this article was published. Check these guides to know how to be a successful YouTuber and make money from YouTube.

Do you know that you can earn some bucks for some original videos you upload to YouTube and showing ads on them? But you don't earn bucks by default. You have to enable monetization to make money from your YouTube videos. This might be the interesting and good news for new YouTubers and Tutorial bloggers on YouTube.

This is a simple hack to get your Adsense approved from YouTube. As you can enable monetization when you create your account in some countries like USA, Canada and European countries. We are using this simple trick to get your adsense account in few minutes.

YouTube is a partnered site by Google and Adsense is also hosted by Google. So you can get an easy Adsense account with YouTube. It is easy to get an Adsense account with your YouTube account in some countries. You can get an adsense account when you open your YouTube account in those countries. But in some countries like Nepal, you can't get an adsense account that easily. You have to meet some criteria to get your Adsense account from YouTube in these countries. You have to get your some 4 or 5 original videos uploaded to YouTube with some decent views. That's a tedious job though. Who will wait for the decent view and invitation from Adsense when you can get your own adsense account with this simple hack?

Follow the steps and you'll get your adsense account in less than 5 minutes.
How to Enable Monetization in YouTube in Nepal?

Step 1: Log in to your Youtube account. (You have to log in with your Google Account)

Step 2: Create a channel or go to channel that already exists.
Step 3: Go to Video manager.
How to Enable Monetization in Youtube in Nepal?

 Step 4:Click on Channel Settings.

How to Enable Monetization in YouTube in Nepal?
Step 5:Go to Advanced Settings.
How to Enable Monetization in YouTube in Nepal?
Step 6: Change your country to United States and click save.
How to Enable Monetization in YouTube in Nepal?
Step 7: Go back to Channel Settings click on Enable button on the rifht of monetization.
How to Enable Monetization in YouTube in Nepal?
Step 8: Click Enable and You are done then set up your adsense account.
When you've enabled monetization you can change your country back to Nepal.

But remember with this trick the Adsense account you'll get will be a hosted account. It means you can use the adsense account to show ads on Google Partners site only. To learn more differences on Hosted and Non-Hosted adsense account please follow the post below:
But you can upgrade your hosted adsense to non hosted in just few simple steps. If you want to upgrade you hosted Adsense account then, please follow the link below:
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